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10 Instagram Accounts for the Interior Design Obsessed

10 Instagram Accounts for the Interior Design Obsessed

Photo by me. Shot on an iPhone of my self styled front entrance.

After renovating a character home, custom designing and building two homes, and then building an extra 16 investment properties with my husband I’ve learnt a couple things about good design and where to look for inspiration.

Included in this article I’ve detailed 10 Instagram accounts that have inspired me time and time again. I’ve discovered not only beautiful imagery and spot-on taste, but tried and true design ideas and fundamentals that are functional and, quite frankly, necessary to understand when you’re setting up your spaces.

My list is by no means exhaustive and when you check out some of these profiles you might think this is not your taste at all. If that’s the case, what I do suggest is follow the specific interior designers and resources I’ve mentioned (i.e. Style at Home or Sarah Richardson) because they will teach you timeless design principals and it’s up to you to put your own spin on the end result. Sounds fun, right? It is!

Let’s do this!


This publication has been my favourite design magazine for at least 5 years and that’s about how many years of back issues I have in my basement studio.

Why do you love this magazine and why should I follow it? Simple. Their designers and editors understand composition, colour, texture, space, light, materials, furniture, and fabrics at masterful levels. You will learn how to put things together in order to find visual and functional harmony.

Any other reason you love this magazine? When I was desperately trying to find stylish and affordable brushed gold hardware this magazine had the answer. This proves to me that you don’t have to be super wealthy and dripping in diamonds to live in style. Also, their editors know how to mix high and low pieces for maximum impact and soon you will too.


Welcome to midcentury modern heaven! It’s not difficult to see why this store is awesome - everything is so tempting that I find it hard to choose my favourites because I love it all. #thestruggleisreal

But isn’t modern sometimes cold, when I really want my space to feel warm and cozy? Girl, winter is coming. Oh wait, it’s here already. Yes, the furniture is modern, but it is still warm, cozy, functional, and stylish as all hell. Also, they use a fair bit of user generated content on this IG profile, which gives you the real world application of their products and, often times, tests out paint colours you might be considering for your home. Below I’ve shown one of their beautiful posts that creatively uses a small writing desk as a side table. Genius! This is perfect for small spaces and homes where kids stuff has taken over a once dedicated home office space (my hand is up). But to summarize, this modern ain’t cold!


Oh boy! (Or girl for that matter, as you’ll soon find out this feed loves adorable babies and the stylish rooms their parents design for them.) This is a premium wallpaper company based in Vancouver, BC and was founded by two sisters-in-law. Their designs are so beautiful they easily replace works of art in your home.

Yikes! Wallpaper in kids rooms? You sure about this, Jacq? Oh hell yes! I’ve done it before and I would do it again. Also, wallpapers are printed on very strong paper that, in most cases, are washable! #dingdingding


Ok, this feed should consider changing their name to @homeporn, because do I ever have a heart-on for them! While I can’t report learning specific design rules from this page (i.e. Yellow and purple are complimentary colours! That’s real btw! #gift), but I can report that I have had many questions answered by people who have tried before me.

Like what, Jacq? Well, for instance, I’ve always felt weird about mixing metals until I found oodles of beautiful spaces on Home Polish that have successfully done it. Or, how to style a book shelf like you work on an HGTV show. (Note: It’s kind of tedious and makes you wonder why you have so many dang books, so it’s something that might evolve into gettin’ your purge on.) To summarize this page will undoubtedly inspire you time and time again.


I lurve Apartment Therapy. I enjoy their IG feed as I enjoy many feeds, but I think this brand really shines when it comes to email marketing. For example, in a recent blast they explained some very basic laundry advice that will forever change how I launder.

Remember this! All buttons must be open to avoid straining the threads holding the buttons in place and stretching out the garment, conversely, all zippered pieces must be zipped up to avoid snagging other items, including itself.

Wow, Jacq. Real good. I know, I can feel your eye-roll through the binary code, but this tip will keep your clothes looking good and prevent you from looking like a massive dingle. ‘Nuff said.

The content found on their IG is definitely worth your time and occasional check-in. They have many good styling tips and great ideas for small spaces.


My Domaine is very enjoyable. Also, I wouldn’t mind if my domaine was a little more like their domaine if you know what I mean! #creep

In seriousness though, this feed is a bit more on the “we fancy” side of the park, which I find aspirational. As well, what you will learn is how to utilize colours and textures to achieve high-end results, even if your budget is on the modest side.

Another awesome thing about this feed is the travel content. If you’re not imagining yourself in a tropical pool or taking in the panoramic views of Greece, no offense, but you’re doing it wrong.


IKEA is… amazing. I’ve purchased PAX wardrobes, many kitchens, bathroom vanities, furnishings, decor, kitchen supplies, you name it! I’m impressed every time and I rarely have issues. Their general page for Canada is decent, but where you might find some REALLY good content is by following some popular hashtags, like: #ikeahack or #ikeapax, or #ikeakitchen. #doit #now


Alright now, this page is so pretty it kind of hurts. Between the puppies, boats, fresh white walls, and Parisian bistro seating it makes me think, “Is this what heaven is like?” This profile is for you if fresh, white, clean, sophisticated, charming, and modern float your row-boat. It’s about as simple as that.


I consider Sarah Richardson to be my unofficial interior design mentor. I’ve watched and studied all of her shows on HGTV and feel as though she’s trained my eye over time. She can deliver on just about every style of interior, such as: mid century modern, country cottage, sophisticated chic, family friendly, etc. She’s versatile, savvy, crafty (in a good way), and can pull off an IKEA hack like no other I’ve seen.

While her personal style might not be your particular brand of wine, you will learn oodles from her about how to mix vintage pieces with new, how to pick tile and finishes, how to place furniture in a room, how to choose and hang wall decor, when to spend and when to save and so much more.

You can watch episodes from her past shows here. And if you’re committed to learning a thing of two about how to decorate your house like a pro - watch them all!


From the listed profiles, people and stores above there is one common thread that seems to tie them all together - high meet low. And when you need to peruse 200 of the most on-trend coffee tables of the moment, Wayfair Canada has your back, showing you expensive options and affordable options. They also deliver crazy fast and will event set-up your furniture if you want!

Also, they featured my entrance on their feed! Check it.

Yasss!!! You made it to the end and until next Thursday…


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Do you find Clarity Fleeting? Join my 30-day Journaling Challenge!

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