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TrendBlazer? The Name Explained

TrendBlazer? The Name Explained

For a fleeting moment, you may have thought, "TrendBlazer? Sounds cool, but I don't really get it." 

Fair enough.

Back in 2011, my sister, Justine, and I were brainstorming names for my new marketing business. We couldn't settle on anything, so we took a break flipping through a few fashion magazines — a favourite past time. I came to a page with the word "trend" and "blazer" on it and then on the opposite page was printed, "trailblazer". After some more word play, intuitively, we felt TrendBlazer was the winner and here’s why…

TrendBlazer is play off of the phrase trailblazer, which is defined as a person who makes new tracks through wild country, or, considered a pioneer or an innovator. 

Only one year into running my business, the Marketing Director position at the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival became available. I jumped at the chance to do what I was already doing, but on a much larger scale — to the tune of 85,000 attendees vs. 400 at the events I was running. So, I took the job, and forgot about TrendBlazer for a while, but…

My pesky inner voice didn’t want to stay quiet. So, welcome to the newly designed and crafted TrendBlazer Studio!

In blog form, I answer questions people ask me about marketing, design, events, and even interiors. Above all, my intention is for my articles to inspire, inform, and spark ideas you can apply to your career or personal life.

It’s all about innovation and creativity — pushing beyond limits previously set and finding interesting ways to grow.

And there you have it! A brief history of TrendBlazer. If this type of thinking floats your boat you've found your tribe.



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