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3 Truths to Help You Get Over Yourself (Gift Enclosed)

3 Truths to Help You Get Over Yourself (Gift Enclosed)

The headline is correct. For those that finish reading this article there is a VERY cool gift at the end. No strings attached.

It’s been 6 months since I began writing this blog on basically everything that fascinates me and I’ve never shared it. Until today.

Many times I talked myself out of sharing this work with you. Telling myself stuff like, “when my opt-in is ready” or “when this snow melts” or “when I finish my copy writing program”. Well tomorrow never came and snow kinda melted. So, with you as my witness, I’m putting my feet to the fire and sharing my blog. Today! And I’m sweating like a farm animal of your choice. (I choose goat.)

To share this with you I had to own up to a few things:

  1. I procrastinate.

  2. I overthink.


However, acknowledging the problem is the first step in fixing it, right? So, here I am. I’m showing up. I’m FINALLY puffing up my chest and and hitting post. (You should know I feel a little car sick while writing this, because I know some human eyes will finally see this blog. I might as well be running naked down the street!)

But, instead of running naked down the street (too cold for that), I’m going to share my work from the comfort of my kitchen table. And how did I finally get here? By realizing there are 3 truths I needed to not only fully understand, but also embody.

  1. People are too busy to care about you for longer than 10 minutes. Correction! Make that 10 seconds.

    Let’s just say the digital age hasn’t made us more patient or more focused. I know that people will not remember this post tomorrow. However, the readers that did click and read maybe 50% of it WILL remember how I made them feel. The intention I place in my posts is what I hope transcends.

    So, where am I going with this?

    I’m releasing any self-doubt, fear, or judgement that might come my way as a result of sharing this blog. And if you’ve been scared to do, try, and go somewhere out of judgement or fear, please join me in showing up. Because the truth is this:

    People are way too busy living their own lives to care about what we’re up to for longer than 10 seconds. Thanks social media and online streaming.

    Then let’s say you didn’t do something out of fear or judgement and years later you have deep, consuming regret—well that my friend, just isn’t worth it.

  2. There’s no point to creating work if you have no intention to share it.

    We’re humans. That means by the laws of nature we’re creative. Often times people say, “I’m not creative”, but you can call BS on that train real quick. We have unlimited pools of talent and potential in us and to feel alive we need to express ourselves. This may manifest in any number of ways. Dance. Music. Crochet. Writing. Painting. Sculpture. Cooking. And call me crazy-pants, but I believe a carefully crafted, and meticulously assembled spreadsheet is a thing of beauty. So, left-brainers, yes, you’re creative too!

    So, where am I going with this…

    Share your work! It deserves to be seen!

    If for any reason than to release it from yourself so you can start all over. When you hang on to something for too long it begins to drag you down. Then you can’t grow, explore, and any new ideas dry up before they can begin.

    Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic, puts it brilliantly:

    At some point, you really just have to finish your work and release it as is — if only so that you can go on to make other things with a glad and determined heart. Which is the entire point. Or should be.

    Namaste, Liz Gilbert. Namaste.

  3. Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.

    This quote comes from Marie Forleo, a life-coach, show host, author, and extraordinary marketer. I’ve been dedicated to watching her show and studying her training programs with fiend like fervour for about a year now. So, I can say with a fully committed heart—she knows what’s up.

    She’s said this mantra a bajillion times. And I nod in understanding, but then I would postpone sharing my blog. Again. And again. And then again.

    I associate clarity with discovering your purpose. No easy task when you’re a multi-passionate, creative spaz! (I’m thinking about putting that on my business card.)

    And Marie’s right.

    Reading and studying is not a replacement for doing the work, trying things out and putting yourself out there. And while I’ve been standing on the sidewalk for the past 6 months about 100 different buses have driven with opportunities to share ideas, insights, and concepts with you and it’s time to finally hop on a bus.

    What have you been postponing due to fear of judgement, expectations, or feeling dumb? Like me, maybe it’s time to jump off the cliff and finally do it.

And I mentioned a gift… don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten.

So, while the theme of this post surrounds getting over yourself and being brave—I want to give you one of the best self knowledge tools to help you do just that.

Sally Hogshead, a New York Times Best Selling Author and creator of the How You Fascinate Personality Matrix has provided me with a code to gift 100 people the chance to take her assessment for free! Often times we focus on how we see the world, and this assessment flips the script and tells you how the world sees YOU. I took this assessment months ago and come up as the Provocateur. Saucy! Please, please, please let me know what your arch-type is! What if we’re the same?!

Give yourself 10 minutes and find out why you’re so dang awesome and why really should let go of any fears holding you back. Click the button below and enter code YOU-jacquelineconway.

And here’s how fascinating you’ll be after this assessment. Now and forever, Aretha!



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