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4 Sources & Experts to Uplevel Your Productivity & Business Savvy

4 Sources & Experts to Uplevel Your Productivity & Business Savvy

I've been asking myself lately, why do I go to experts for advice and training? I'm sure you'd guess that the answer is quite obvious. In the long run, we will save time and energy benefiting from expert knowledge and their past mistakes to expedite our own success in life and business. Makes sense to me! 

So, I'd like to introduce 4 sources that keep my business, news and productivity game up to date.  

Now, this is list is far from exhaustive, so please, take a peek and let me know what sources you explore. I've been known to live in digital bubbles sometimes and I'm sure to be missing out on more great stuff.


I actually found these peeps on Instagram (can't resist a well-lit coffee + journal flatlay). And boy am I glad I found them. They are the creators of the 5-Minute Journal and the Productivity Planner, which I'm an owner and huge fan of both. (We'll talk Pomodoro's soon!)

What I suggest for you is to sign-up for their weekly newsletter for binge-worthy personal development and productivity articles. This team also gets bonus points, because they provide the amount of time it will take to read each article, so you always know what you're getting into. Great stuff. 


Marie is like my 4th sister - I LOOOOVE her. She is a life coach that went narrow and deep on her signature program, B-School (which I'm in the process of working through while on maternity leave). She also produces a weekly online show called Marie TV featuring interviews with Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Tony Robbins, and so many more. She is an insightful, thought-leader for the present and coming generation. Get to know her and her content. You won't regret it! 


If you want to get your US and international news in a flash sign up for The Skimm. Two good friends and former journalists saw a need in the millennial market for high-level, and easy to digest news on the daily. Being that I'm Canadian it's not always 100% relevant to me, but simply breezing through their daily emails makes me feel like I'm on top of international news. Sign-up and feel smart! 


If you're interested in business, branding, investing, forecasting you likely already read this site! Our left brain cravings for numbers, metrics, and trends are satisfied with a healthy meal of information on the daily from Fast Company. I find when I'm in need of a binge on business I go here first! 

And that's my short list! Let me know what you like to read for business, news and productivity below! :)

Talk soon!


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