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7 Digital Resources for Fashion & Trend Lovers

7 Digital Resources for Fashion & Trend Lovers

Photo Credit: Man Repeller, Photographed by Edith Young. Styled by Harling Ross. Modeled by Elianah SukoenigAriana Duplechain-CookMedha Ghosh and Sandra DiolaFlower Flashes by Lewis Miller DesignMakeup by Regard Tang.

Welcome to my 2018 roundup of digital resources for fashion and trend lovers.

As selfish as this sounds, I kept myself in mind when creating this list, so you'll find (in my opinion) the best places to go for up to the minute news and timeless articles on fashion marketing, business and trends.

Please leave a comment or drop me an email with any resources you love to follow. I'm all ears to hear what inspires you and where you get digital news from. 

So, let's dive in! 


This is one of all-time favourite fashion industry websites and resources. They have a fashion industry membership program, FREE online learning resources for fashion designers, and solid industry content. I find their voice to be not even the least bit click-baity and purely informing on, get this, the business of fashion. I find it the best way to stay up to date on international fashion news and reports. This site is a must for anyone interested in or working in fashion. 


If you love candid writing, trend reporting (you know I do), digital roundups, business news and the odd celebrity post you've found your fav. I love a good Fashionista check-in when I'm looking for Met Ball recaps, royal wedding fashion articles, and trend critiques. You know when you smile and nod at something you've read online? That happens on this site! :D 


Following this site actually makes me feel smarter. They are on the cusp of what's ahead with a pulse on the future and I can't get enough. Their email newsletter is one that I never miss, because the content is rich and incredibly interesting. You'll find that your awareness expands to better understand major cultural tendencies and trends, which can help in any line of work. Check. It. Out!  


I am no stranger to falling down a Goop rabbit hole. I enjoy their articles on timeless style choices like: French Girl Starter Kit, or 10 Trendproof Investment Pieces. Then of course there's the city guides, beauty, and health content that (though controversial at times) I always enjoy. Plus I love GP. 


This is the official website of world-class trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort and this bae means serious trend-forecasting-business. She reminds me of Anna Wintour, but of international trend forecasting instead of publishing. The trend reports she and her team at Trend Union produce predict mass cultural trends up to two years in the future. Her focus is in fashion, but reaches into art, beauty, culture, food, spirituality and more. 


At the 2017 InBound Marketing Conference in Boston I caught Piera Luisa's keynote presentation (she is a co-founder of Refinery 29) and to say I'm now a fangirl is an understatement. Refinery 29 has redefined digital publishing, providing a voice for the modern millennial woman and giving everything a creative and art focused spin. You will LOVE their content and voice. Follow them. Also, they've branched into Intelligence Reports for companies, which is totally brill.  


I seriously love Leandra Medine’s entire vibe. She is candid, true to her style, and completely unpretentious. The articles and content produced by her fully staffed website are fun and more importantly, interesting and relevant. Read this article on millennial pink and colour trends, very good. You'll also find that I pulled our header image from this article. Because, my love is real. <3

That wraps up this delightful digital-rabbit-hole-inducing reading list. Please, I do really and truly want to hear what you think and what you read. Leave a comment or drop me a line.

Keep it classy!

Until next time, 


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