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What I learnt from Creating my First Fashion Magazine

What I learnt from Creating my First Fashion Magazine

Photo Credit: Photographed by Karyn Kimberly for Midtown Plaza Style Feature. Styled by Jacqueline Conway. Makeup by Kelsey Rae MUA. Wardrobe Aritzia and Aldo Shoes. 

This digital magazine has been a long-time goal and vision of mine. 

I actually self-published my first magazine in grade 6 as part of a creative writing project. It was created completely by hand from a catalog of content of ideas I had from reading titles like YM, Seventeen, and even Vogue. I wrote every article, drew and coloured illustrations, developed a brand and even wrote a collection of embarrassing dating tales. When I finally submitted this creative writing piece I was exhausted by exhilarated! At least I was...

Until my teacher thought I had copied all the writing from a real magazine! I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or devastated. I ended up choosing the latter.

The truth was I had poured my heart and soul into it for weeks. It was my obsession. I toiled over it, edited, re-edited until I was sleep deprived and had temporarily given up on showering. I knew drastic measures needed to be taken. 

I called in the big guns (a.k.a. Mom) to defend my beloved first edition. After a conversation with my teacher and my mom, the verdict was that I did do the work (the smell alone was proof) and received a higher grade, but I could tell he was still skeptical.

This was not my first or last encounter with a misunderstanding or an injustice, but this experience informed a lot about me as I grew up. I work very hard at projects I believe in (despite what others may think of them) and I have a voice that I need to share (despite what others may think of it). I guess I'll never know if he was trying to save face for misjudging my first edition. 

This leads me to TrendBlazer Studio's commitment to you: 

#1 // I will only post completely original content from myself and contributors. You can be sure of that!

#2 // I will publish one new article every Thursday without fail. And if you become a Studio Insider (which you really should become) you will receive one email every month.

I'm very excited to begin this journey with you. You'll get a chance to know me and I want to get to know you too! Leave a comment below and introduce yourself - let's be friends! If I'm feeling brave sometime in the future I will share that original magazine with you - pretty sure it even has horoscopes. 



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