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Do you find Clarity Fleeting? Join my 30-day Journaling Challenge!

Do you find Clarity Fleeting? Join my 30-day Journaling Challenge!

When you’re looking to find clarity in vision, career, relationships or any other life puzzle, it’s easy to get caught up in a mind spiral.

Especially if you identify as multi-passionate, like myself, you may second guess, review the options over and over, and at times, doubt your decisions.

So, how do we overcome this? What can we do to find clarity and move toward our greater purpose?

The answer to the later is best suited for the best mentors, teachers and coaches in the world. However, a practice I’ve begun to adopt to overcome-overachiever-overload is journaling. And the results have been interesting.

But first, here’s how I journal:

  • I write out 10 things I’m grateful for

  • I reflect on how I feel in my surroundings

  • I dive deeper into anything from my gratitude list that jumps out

  • I practice stream of consciousness writing where I write what’s coming organically and in the moment

This is what’s interesting…

When I’m journaling everyday the things I want come a lot quicker and, generally, I feel significantly calmer, and more relaxed.

Why, though? How can writing in book everyday make that much of a difference? It seems nuts.

This article from positivepsychologyprogram.com explains why I believe journaling works and MANY reasons why giving ourselves time and space to grow in this practice is important for our mental health.

If you’re strapped for time to read this article, here’s an important takeaway:

“There’s a ton of evidence out there on the outcomes of journal writing therapy, and overall this evidence points to its effectiveness in helping people identify and accept their emotionsmanage their stress, and ease the symptoms of mental illness.”

We’ve all heard about how our society is extremely stressed, over-worked, combating burn-out and anxiety. I know for many, if not all, we’ve all felt or dealt with feelings of overwhelm, inadequacy, shame, and fear.

So, it appears that journaling provides the time to get in touch with your mind. Like going on date with yourself and growing a stronger connection to who we REALLY are.

If we are to grow as self-confident, self-aware, and well-adjusted people I believe we should ALL journal.

Which brings me to my 30-Day Journaling Challenge!

After all, what’s the point in learning about this stuff if we don’t put into action!

I invite you join me in writing in your journal for the next 30-days. Think of it like “Farewell 2018” and “Bring It On 2019”! And don’t worry, I’ve got questions for you to answer to make this easy peasy. Here’s how we’ll do it, everyday, ask yourself:

  1. What do I want?

  2. Why do I want it?

  3. How am I feeling?

And you’re done. Simple.

I would recommend not sharing your answers with anyone else. Give yourself these 30-days to get cozy with YOU. And maybe, after you’ve committed to this and completed it, I would share with someone very close that would be in support of whatever it is you’ve come up with.

Now full disclosure, this 100% does not guarantee giving you clarity on your life. BUT it will build mental muscle to take you into 2019 with a greater sense of your purpose and ideally get some real and heart-centred goals on paper. AND it’s a stepping stone to get that clarity puzzle solved.

If you’re IN, here’s what’s next…

Fill out the form below and I will organize us into a Journaling Pod, otherwise known as a Closed FB group. Here’s the logistical details:

  • 30-Day Journaling Challenge officially starts Monday, December 10th, 2018 and runs until Tuesday, January 8th, 2019.

  • Participants will be coordinated into a Closed Facebook Group to keep in touch through out the month.

  • To retain your spot in the Journaling Pod you have to journal, either using the prompts above or your own, everyday for the indicated month. There will be a daily post in the group that you’ll have to comment on after you’ve written in your journal for the day. No skip days allowed!

  • Following the 30 days, I’ll follow up with next steps… intrigued? You should be! I’m in cahoots with someone to create a very special experience to bring all of this full circle.

  • BONUS! I’ve just given you a reason to buy a new journal from Indigo. YAASSSSSS!

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